The following conditions are regrettable but necessary, they won't be a problem to the majority of our guests (so don't take offence).

Lemonade Creek Cottages have a high occupancy rate with a very high rate of return guests. We require these conditions to enable us to keep up our high standard, while at the same time giving you the best value for money available.

Note: If we didn't insist on these conditions your stay would not be as enjoyable and our tariffs would be higher.

We hope you understand.

Liz & Ray Neilson

  1. Sorry, strictly no pets.

  2. No refund on early departures, days booked on your invoice are the days to be paid for.

  3. Extra people - extra charge (Prior approval required)

  4. Cancellations - 30 days notice required (deposit refunds at manager discretion) Booking fees apply to all cancellations.

  5. No smoking in cottages. Note: Very Important. Smoking inside your cottage will make your cottage unrentable for the following guests, and the costs to remove smoke from carpet and furnishings is approx $250 per cottage. Plus lost rent. These costs will be added to your invoice, if smoking occurs in your cottage.

  6. Please keep noise to a minimum in consideration of other guests. Note: Lemonade Creek Cottages cater for guests who are seeking a peaceful and relaxed getaway.
    Very Important - Well behaved and quiet children under adult supervision are very welcome. Their parents are also welcome if well behaved and not under their children's supervision!, In the interest of other guests we require all guests to keep noise to a minimum, this includes outisde your cottage and when using pool, etc.

  7. Visitors. Grandma and Grandpa popping in for lunch, should not be a problem. A car load of relatives or friends would be a problem. The facilities inside and outside all cottages are only designed to cater for the number of guests we choose to have. We deliberately restrict the number of guests staying at all six cottages, so all guests can be assured of a quiet, relaxed and tranquill stay, without the noise and congestion you could expect to have at some other accommodation establishments. Note: Facilities are for paying guests only.

  8. On arrival note the condition of your cottage.
    On departure cottage and equipment to be left in the same condition as on your arrival.
    Unreasonable cleaning costs, breakages, damage, or theft will incur extra charges to your invoice.
    On your departure: To keep our tariffs down to an affordable level, and good value for money, washing of dishes and cleaning of cooking utensils and appliances has not been included in your tariff. Therefore, we expect kitchens and its equipment to be left as you found them on your arrival. Our cleaners are hard working and take pride in each cottage. We require guests to show their appreciation by not treating the cleaning staff with contempt. Note: A cottage left as you found it, will show you are considerate to the cleaners. A cottage left with its kitchen and equipment uncleaned will only show contempt for our cleaners. Thank you from the cleaning staff.

  9. Normal departure time is strictly 10am, unless stated differently on your invoice. We don't like to see you go, but we need time to prepare your cottage for our next guest. ( We have trouble cleaning the shower with you in it ! )

  10. The person or persons, who's name appears on the invoice, is liable for all charges in connection to the invoice and its conditions.

  11. We reserve the right to ask you to leave without refund, if in the opinion of the manager, you or your group, disrupt the enjoyment of other guests, or haven't abided by these conditions.

Finally: Lemonade Creek Cottages are not as bad as these conditions could lead you to believe. Our guests actually enjoy themselves, and describe Lemonade Creek as a piece of paradise with the best ambience and facilities available.

Most importantly we want you to have a great stay, so if you are in need of assistance, don't hesitate to call us.

Thank you for understanding.


Liz & Ray